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Friday 12 November 2010

Alex makes a sales faux pas in Week 6 of The Apprentice

This week's episode of The Apprentice highlights how not to approach brainstorming sessions and run sales teams.

In Week 6, the two teams were tasked with creating a new cleaning product and marketing it - something which proved to be a stumbling block for team leader Alex, whose inability to generate decent ideas led to him getting the axe, motivational speaker and seminar leader Gavin Ingham observed.

He noted that Alex's failure to know the market, exemplified by him having a child advertise a product which was dangerous to youngsters, was an unforgivable faux pas in the eyes of the industry professionals they pitched to and, ultimately, Lord Sugar himself.

"Know your market and your clients. If cleaning stuff is dangerous for your kids and your target market has kids then you need to understand that they don't want adverts encouraging their kids to play with dangerous fluids," Mr Ingham said.

In the end, Alex's inability to motivate his sales team and oversights in branding and marketing the product led to him falling on his sword and being fired by Lord Sugar.

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