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Saturday 30 August 2008

Telesales Recruitment Launched!

Aaron Wallis has launched www.telesalesrecruitment.co.uk a portal for telesales jobs and telesales recruitment services. Containing telesales jobs together with the latest news from the telesales sector the site has a unique mail list forum and is intended to become a major force to those looking for jobs in telesales.

Friday 29 August 2008

Sales Engineers - We Salute You!

I was asked recently about what made a really good Sales Engineer and quite honestly I struggled to answer the question.

Having met, I estimate, around 2000 sales engineers across engineering, electronics, scientific, construction, M&E and Instrumentation, it’s fair to say that they vary wildly and good ones are different for radically different reasons.

In reply I used a bit of a clich├ęd response that I’ve been using for years. And that is “that there are two types of sales engineers; the first is a Sales engineer with a capital ‘S’ and a small ‘e’” - that’s a sales professional selling a technical product that uses his commercial guile and acumen to win a sale, for instance selling components, commodities or manufactured products. The second is a “sales Engineer with a small ‘s’ and a capital ‘E’” and these tend to sell on their technical qualities, experience and qualifications above their raw sales abilities. In essence they provide solutions which are often bespoke to exact need and the sales engineers involved are often published experts in their field.

It was therefore impossible to answer the question in a simple sentence yet made me think about what an absolutely eclectic bunch made up the ‘tour de force’ that are sales engineers! In tribute Aaron Wallis has launched
www.thesalesengineer.co.uk which is technical sales website updated weekly with the latest technical news together with the latest sales engineer jobs. To receive a free copy of a newsletter entitled ‘The Sales Engineer’ simply join the mail list

The Top Account Management Jobs

Due to numerous requests for a dedicated portal for Account Managers, Aaron Wallis has launched a new website called www.theaccountmanager.co.uk

With news stories that are updated weekly together with links to
Account Management Jobs the site is set to be a central resource to Account Managers from all industry sectors. For further information about the site or to register for regular account management news simply visit www.theaccountmanager.co.uk

Site Launched for Instrumentation Sales Professionals

Instrumentation sales professionals have for some time been looking for a resource that details all of the latest industry news and instrumentation sales jobs. Launched in August 2008, www.instrumentationsales.co.uk has been launched by Aaron Wallis, a specialist sales recruitment provider, to fill this void. With weekly news from the instrumentation and process control sector, together with links to specialist instrumentation sales recruitment services, the site has been visited by over five hundred unique visitors in the first month

Looking for Technical Sales News?

Aaron Wallis, a leading UK based technical sales recruitment provider has launched www.technicalsalesjobs.co.uk aimed at sales professionals in electronics, engineering, construction, M&E, science and instrumentation.

This site has weekly updated unique news content together with the latest
sales engineer jobs from Aaron Wallis and is aimed at being a significant resource to technical sales professionals from all professions.

FMCG Sales Recruitment

Aaron Wallis has launched www.fmcgsales.co.uk a dedicated portal for FMCG Sales Recruitment and sales jobs in the consumer goods sector. For news from the FMCG sector that is updated weekly simply visit the site or join the mail list

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Aaron Wallis launches new sites

Aaron Wallis launches the following top level domains: www.aaronwallis.biz, www.aaronwallis.eu, www.aaronwallis.mobi, www.aaronwallis.net, www.aaronwallis.org and www.aaronwallis.info

Together with www.aaronwallis.com and the main domain www.aaronwallis.co.uk this specialist UK based sales recuiter now has improved online presence in line with planned growth and strategy.