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Thursday 4 October 2012

Tips for answering tough questions in sales jobs

Those employed in sales jobs have been advised how to tackle the tough questions commonly asked by sceptical prospective customers.

Steve W Martin, an expert on sales linguistics and founder of the Heavy Hitter sales philosophy company, believes that how people answer such queries will often prove to be the difference between winning and losing a contract.

With this in mind, those recruited in sales should always ensure they understand a question before they begin to provide an answer.

Mr Martin wrote on the Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: "Either rephrase the question in your mind in your own words and repeat it to the questioner aloud or ask the questioner to further explain what he meant before answering."

Every query should also be tackled with the determination to give an expert's point of view, while domain expertise should shine through.

Questions that are deemed inappropriate or inane should be directed, such as by beginning an answer with "the question you really should be asking is…", Mr Martin went on to advise.

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Posted by Richard Esquilant

Credit: Salespeak News

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