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Monday 15 October 2012

Flexible working 'is much more than working from home'

Business leaders have been told to remember the fact that working from home is only one ingredient of flexible working procedures.

Dave Coplin, director of Envisioning at Microsoft UK, pointed out that the ability to work anywhere is exactly that – employers giving their employees the opportunity to carry out their job commitments wherever they please.

As such, this does not necessarily mean setting up an office at home but could involve being able to fulfil duties at a customer site or from the location of a company's suppliers.

To underline this point, Mr Coplin acknowledged: "For employers it is about having the confidence in their employees and for most employers it is about having the culture that measures on output rather than process."

He added that when done right, flexible working "works really great" for all parties involved.

However, Mr Coplin stated that failures in this strategy often stem from a personal issue between employer and employee – a problem that both parties have to work to overcome.

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Posted by Richard Esquilant

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