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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Companies urged to 'enhance community relations to realise many benefits'

Companies, whether there are large organisations or categorised in the small and medium enterprise band, have been encouraged to become more engaged in their local community.

John Minhinick, president of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, pointed out that research has already shown that members of the public are more willing to get involved with a firm that has plenty of engagement in their surrounding community.

On top of this, engaging with a local community can help a company to improve the morale of their staff members and provide a boost to staff training strategies.

These pointers were backed up in a report compiled by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, which also reveals that 70 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses believe they have become more attractive to potential customers by being more engaged in community relations.

In order to tap into this area, Mr Minhinick noted: "It's very much on a local basis really. What local activities are on? What can local communities and local Rotary clubs get together on?"

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Posted by John Oak

Via: Salespeak News

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