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Thursday 11 October 2012

Three big sales management mistakes to avoid

Business managers have been told of three major sales management mistakes that they should always look to avoid committing.

Urmas Purde, the co-founder of Pipedrive, believes that there are three errors that can prove substantial stumbling blocks for organisations of any size.

Mr Purde, who has more than ten years of sales and sales training experience, wrote on the Pipedrive blog that not keeping track can create serious problems.

"Without tracking things like the number of calls you make, and how many you need to make to close a sale, you won't be able to repeat your successes or avoid failures," he pointed out.

Holding lots of sales meetings should also be avoided, as every minute a sales rep is inside a boardroom means that they are failing to do their job and make their company money.

Calling on a sales team to work towards unrealistic metrics is another major mistake, with Mr Purde instead encouraging management to keep on reviewing goals that can be reached with a bit of effort.

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Posted by Wayne Bly

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