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Wednesday 10 October 2012

A diverse workforce 'gives companies a professional advantage'

Establishing a more diverse workforce can help to give business managers "a professional advantage" over their rivals.

This is the view of Tab Ahmad, founder and managing director at EmployAbility, who was also keen to stress that disabled people can substantially enhance the value of an organisation.

She acknowledged that 33 per cent of people are currently disabled or know somebody who has a disability, which can include a person's fellow employees, their customers, business competitors and partners.

Therefore, making more of an effort to create a diverse workplace will enable employers to tap into the widest pool of talent available.

Ms Ahmad also pointed out: "Disabled graduates often have more life experience, for example, overcoming obstacles, which leads to really good problem-solving skills, compared to their non-disabled peers."

The business expert underlined her message of creating a more diverse workforce by stating that an ageing population is likely to result in an increase in skilled workers with disabilities.

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Posted by Richard Esquilant

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