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Thursday 23 August 2012

Successful salespeople 'solve problems beforehand'

The most successful salespeople are those who can often identify and solve customers' problems before they even meet them, rather than those who only rely on good relationships to make sales, it has been claimed.

Anthony Belloir, managing director at CEB, said the business landscape has changed to such an extent that the abundance of information made available to customers now means the majority of them have already decided what they want before even engaging with a salesperson.

He explained that this is a "radical shift" that has caused a dramatic reappraisal of the qualities of the successful salesperson.

His comments came after a survey of workers carried out by his organisation showed that this new type of salesperson - dubbed the 'challenger' - consistently outperformed other sales profiles by nearly 15 per cent.

This worker is defined by their ability to "teach, tailor their message and take control," which are all essential traits considering 57 per cent of business to business purchases have already been decided before the buyer even speaks to the salesperson.

"As our research shows, today's star sales performers are those who understand their customers' underlying problems and identify new and better means of solving them, often even before they are aware of the problem themselves," Mr Belloir added.

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