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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Career paths 'must be thought out over the long term'

Female workers have been encouraged to have clear goals throughout their career path and to always have a determination to excel.

Piya Khanna, founder, executive coach and change consultant at Change to Succeed, acknowledged that she has come across many people who expect their manager to tell them what they should be achieving in their chosen career.

Ms Khanna called this attitude "extremely frustrating" before adding: "Women have to realise it's their life and their career and they need to be clear on what they really want from them."

To help get female workers on the path to success, Ms Khanna advised such employees to think about if they have any management aspirations and if they see themselves leading a team in the future.

Other matters that need to be thought out in the early stage of a career path is whether someone wants to work abroad or head along a different area of a business at some point.

"Planning ahead and thinking long and short term are crucial as a career is a long-term affair, while a job is only a short to medium term situation," Ms Khanna added.

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Posted by Wayne Bly

Source: Salespeak News

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