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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Flexible working 'should suit the individual'

The biggest thing that companies need to remember when implementing or considering flexible working is that different people need different things, one expert has said.

Tom Ball, managing director of NearDesk, explained that there is a danger to think that with flexible working, everyone must do the same thing but it can actually be interpreted differently by staff.

"Some people love working at home and have got somewhere productive where they can be at home, other people prefer running around, or they prefer to have somewhere productive where they can get to easily," he explained.

Mr Ball stated that there are some who actually want to come into the office every single day, so it is about being truly flexible.

The expert said one issue is that there is confusion between flexible working and being at home, and that important thing to take form this is that it is very important to be in a productive environment.

"If you can do that at a lower cost and in a better way for the employee, which is to be at home with less commuting, then that is ideal for firms," the expert added.

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