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Friday 14 September 2012

Workplace stress 'is bad for health'

Business managers are being encouraged to relieve the stress that their staff members are feeling in the workplace.

This is after a new study carried out by the British Heart Foundation underlined the problems with health that people in highly demanding jobs are putting themselves through.

Researchers found that people in stressful work roles who feel as though they have little freedom to make decisions are 23 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who are relaxed in their jobs.

Professor Peter Weissberg, a medical director at the British Heart Foundation, commented: "Though stresses at work may be unavoidable, how you deal with these pressures is important, and lighting up a cigarette is bad news for your heart.

Eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and quitting smoking will more than offset any risk associated with your job."

Scientists at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health also recently warned, via their own research, that working long hours can have a detrimental effect on a person's health.

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Posted by Richard Esquilant

Source: The Sales Director News

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