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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Tips for creating an excellent CV

Jobseekers have been given advice on how they can boost their chances of employment with the aid of a standout resume.

Munish Bhargava, author of Winning Resumes and Successful Interviews, believes that one highly important factor is to keep a CV short and to the point.

He told Rediff.com: "For professionals with ten to 15 years of experience, it can go up to two pages. But generally, I don't like to recommend a resume that is more than one page."

Those looking for graduate jobs are also advised to try and centre a resume on delivering the message that they are passionate to succeed. Restricting the scope of employment should be refrained against when only starting up the career ladder too.

"If the company finds you a highly potential person, you are likely to be rotated to various functions. There is no point in restricting yourself at the start of your career," Mr Bhargava pointed out.

Video CVs for online interviews are also becoming popular in the recruitment market, with career development firm The Needle Online recently advising jobseekers to always appear smart in front of the camera and looking straight at the lens at all times.

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Posted by Nikki Barrister

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