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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Tips for easing stress in the workplace

Business managers are being encouraged to do more to prevent stress from becoming a major issue around their company's workplace.

The message was delivered after a new study commissioned by Regus suggested that the majority of British professionals are becoming more stressed from their work commitments.

In the poll of 2,500 employees across the UK, 43 per cent felt that their stress levels had risen over the past year alone.

When questioned why they are feeling increased strain, 55 per cent pinned the blame on their current job, 48 per cent citied personal finances and 32 per cent blamed pushy customers.

In order to drive down stress levels, Dr Clare Kelliher, professor of work and organisation at the Cranfield School of Management, advised employers to make a few simple changes.

"Allowing employees to reduce commuting times by working more locally can help," Dr Kelliher explained, "As can granting employees the freedom to sometimes work in different, more neutral environments such as a business centre, where they are away from the day to day stress of the workplace and of the home."

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