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Wednesday 5 September 2012

London's finance sector 'flourished during Olympic Games'

The London finance industry has performed exceptionally well during the Olympic Games, despite predictions of doom and gloom in the lead up to the sporting event.

A study carried out by technology consultancy Portal highlighted that financial services firms in the capital have been the highest performing sector during London 2012.

Furthermore, 64 per cent of financial companies polled stated that their business continued with little or no drop in productivity during the 16 days the Olympic Games took place.

Planning may have been instrumental to these positive figures, with 76 per cent of firms revealing they had thought ahead to potential disruptions during the Games.

These findings are even more impressive due to the fact that there was a 40 per cent fall in productivity across all sectors in London during the event.

Shamus Kelly, chief executive of Portal, pointed out: "At a time when the UK economy is struggling to shake off the recession, the productivity of our financial services sector is paramount and the Olympics could have been disastrous for businesses in the capital."

Last week, Lloyds TSB revealed that restaurants across the UK recorded the largest increase in spending during London 2012.

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Source: The Sales Executive News

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