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Tuesday 25 September 2012

All staff members 'should know about health and safety in the workplace'

Employers should be providing a sufficient health and safety induction course to all members of staff, no matter their position in a company.

Sarah Daniels, chartered practitioner at the RedCat Partnership, has underlined that "it is important" for every person in a workplace to know about their recruiter's health and safety standards.

Following this induction procedure, staff members should then be thoroughly trained so that they can do their job as safely as possible.

When it comes to organising these training programmes, employers should ensure that both specific and general areas of health and safety are covered.

"It's about the culture of the organisation - everybody knowing where they fit and what's expected of them. Health and safety [needs to be] taken seriously and not just [being about] a box being ticked," Ms Daniels explained.

Firms which do not take health and safety seriously risk seeing the number of incidents rising around their workplaces, as well as witnessing an increase in cases of ill health, Ms Daniels recently pointed out.

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Posted by Nikki Barrister

Credit: Salespeak News

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