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Thursday 13 September 2012

Following health and safety rules 'can create a more productive workplace'

Employers have been told that having a good health and safety strategy in place in their workplace can help to create a more productive atmosphere.

Sarah Daniels, chartered practitioner at the RedCat Partnership, is confident that many business owners are taking health and safety very seriously.

However, the pitfall appears to have developed due to the fact that many employers are unsure of the services they should be providing in this area.

This has been highlighted by figures released by the Health and Safety Executive, which revealed that 1.2 million working people suffered from work-related illness between 2010 and 2011.

Ms Daniels pointed out: "If businesses do not take health and safety seriously, the bottom line is [the risk of] incidents, accidents, cases of ill health and unfortunately fatalities to their staff and also to people using the business - like visitors and guests, et cetera [will increase]."

On the flip side, staff members who feel safe in their workplace "will be more productive", Ms Daniels concluded.

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Posted by Nikki Barrister

Credit: Salespeak News

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