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Monday 3 September 2012

Flexible working 'can help part-time employees'

More flexible working opportunities could soon be provided by businesses around the UK, but only for those who will be better suited to the strategy.

This is the opinion of Phil Flaxton, the chief executive of Work Wise UK, who pointed out that there will not necessarily be increased flexibility presented across all parts of a workplace.

In fact, the expert acknowledged that flexible working may be used by employers to assist part-time workers who are not in full-time employment and maybe only paid by the hour.

As such, these types of employees are often not entitled to such benefits as paid holiday and annual sick live.

Mr Flaxton noted: "Whilst that is not necessarily good for the individual, it might nevertheless suit their lifestyle because if they have got children to look after or perhaps they are a carer, then of course, it might suit them to only do ten hours a week."

His comments come soon after Charles Elvin, chief executive of ILM, said that it was "encouraging" to see many employers offering flexible working around the Olympic Games.

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Posted by Wayne Bly

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