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Friday 16 March 2012

Social media 'could hinder a jobseeker's chances of employment'

A jobseeker's social media page could be having a significant impact on whether they gain employment or not.

This is the key finding of a new study carried out by Eurocom Worldwide and Global PR Network, which highlighted that one in five technology industry executives claim to have checked a candidate's online profile which resulted in the person losing out from gaining the job.

On top of this, an estimated 40 per cent of respondents to the survey admitted that they will check a person's social media page sometime during the interviewing process.

Mads Christensen, the network director at Eurocom Worldwide, commented: "The fact that one in five applicants disqualify themselves from an interview because of content in the social media sphere is a warning to jobseekers and a true indicator of the digital reality we now live in."

People can also heighten their chances of gaining employment by going into an interview displaying the right attitude, Carlie Santoro, recruitment manager at Quest Professional, recently advised.

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By: Salespeak News

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