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Tuesday 27 March 2012

First impressions 'hugely important' in an interview

It is very important that anyone attending an interview makes a good first impression, as failing to do so can ruin their chances of gaining employment, it has been noted.

Angela Marshall, image consultant at Appearancemanagement.co.uk, pointed out that employers are already interested in a candidate before the interview even takes place, based on the strength of their CV.

"Now they want to meet you. First impressions will count - in the first three-to-five seconds they will decide if they like you, trust you and want you working for them," she noted.

The expert said that prospective employers will first judge people on the way they look, namely clothing and body language, then on the way an applicant sounds – chiefly the pitch, accent and tone of their voice – so it is important to speak confidently and clearly.

"Ensure you have a smart, well-groomed appearance, that you are courteous and well mannered and have good body language. Be positive, have energy and show you are motivated," Ms Marshall recommended.

Candidates should always say hello to interviewers or good morning or afternoon, and smile, as it gives warmth to people and helps "loosen the muscles".

Finally, making eye contact, having good posture and a firm handshake will all help to create a very positive first impression, she advised.

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