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Friday 23 March 2012

Self-employment 'a sensible option for older workers'

People who are thinking about pursuing a career change as retirement approaches have been encouraged to consider a route into self-employment.

Dr Dianne Bown-Wilson, founder of Inmyprime.co.uk, is confident that this career option "is a great choice for older people" who are bored of their current line of work.

However, she added that jobseekers will only fully appreciate being self-employed if they research the role expected of them in advance, as well as plan ahead for the work involved.

This is because such a career can lead to insecure and erratic lives, which could catch those unprepared or unwilling for this change by surprise.

For those who study the career change thoroughly, Dr Bown-Wilson stated: "Making a career change to self-employment can be a profitable way forward for those who realise that they are likely to suffer from age-related issues in the workplace - such as lack of development, promotional opportunities and job insecurity."

Dianah Worman, diversity adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, recently stated that older workers still have plenty to offer their employers.

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Posted by Wayne Bly

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