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Thursday 29 March 2012

Employers 'value personality over qualifications'

The majority of UK employers now feel that personality and other soft skills are more important than qualifications when recruiting a new member of staff, the latest survey suggests.

A poll of 2,000 business decision makers carried out by Aldi found that most companies now view a degree as 'a given' and so are judging applicants more on key personality traits than academic achievement.

Respondents reveal that they look for confidence, leadership and a good spread of outside interests, alongside work experience, interesting hobbies and evidence of leading teams at university.

Other key traits valued by employers include involvement within the local community, with a third of companies saying they prefer to employ well-presented members of staff.

Overall, just a fifth of employers thought that a degree made a potential candidate stand out, with many stressing that it is less impressive to them now than what it would have been ten years ago.

Instead, 56 per cent said they preferred staff to have a range of interests outside of work and a good work/life balance.

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Credit: Salespeak News

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