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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Poor first impressions 'are hard to recover from'

It as very difficult for job candidates to recover from a poor first impressions, which illustrates just how important it is to prepare thoroughly for an interview, one expert has observed.

Denise Taylor, career psychologist at Amazing People, said that learning how to conduct yourself in an interview is a "fundamental life skill", but too often people fail to do themselves justice during this part of the recruitment process.

She advised people to find out typical questions and practice answering them, with one technique being to say the answers out loud and get some feedback from someone else.

They should be checking whether you spoke clearly and provided a specific example to back up your answer, she noted.

"Also, do your research - how much do you know about the company? Who are their competitors? How do you match the requirements of the job?" Ms Taylor advised.

As many recruiters will make an initial judgement based on the first few seconds, job hopefuls need to look alert and be smart, with clean nails, tidy hair and a conservative number of earrings or piercings, unless they know these are acceptable.

"Create a poor first impression and it is very hard to recover from," the expert added.

Her comments followed the recent publication of a study by learndirect, which revealed that a quarter of unemployed jobseekers do not know how to create a good impression in interviews.

Meanwhile, 42 per cent of employers claim the majority of interviewees fail to impress them due to this reason.

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