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Friday 3 December 2010

Preparation and personality 'lacking in Apprentice Week 9'

Week nine of The Apprentice highlighted how vital it is to be prepared in the world of sales and to also allow personality to come through during negotiations.

That is the opinion of motivational speaker and seminar leader Gavin Ingham, who noted that the main difference between the girls (Team Apollo) and boys (Team Synergy) in this week's episode was the fact that the girls lacked the personality during negotiations to effectively drive a bargain.

The task required each team to find ten different items and pay the lowest price possible for them, with each missing item incurring a fine which amounted to the list price plus £50.

However, despite Team Apollo finding all ten objects and the boys only recovering seven, the ability of the men to charm and bargain with their sellers meant that they still won the task.

Mr Ingham explained: "The boys did get two things very right. The first was that they thought about what the cost price might be on articles and had a strategy for asking for discount. The other thing was to produce a back story."

The girls failed to effectively determine any list prices and this ultimately put them at a disadvantage when attempting to drive a bargain, and led to Laura being fired in the boardroom.

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