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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Careers expert offers tips to quell interview nerves

Jobseekers who find they get nervous in interviews have been offered some tips on how to feel more confident by a careers expert.

Author of Top Answers to Tough Questions John Lees told the Metro the best way to beat any jitters is to ensure plenty of preparation is carried out beforehand, starting with practising small talk.

He explained that interviewers need to be able to see a person is easy to get on with and enthusiastic - especially when it comes to sales recruitment - although this should not be seen as a chance to dominate the conversation.

Mr Lees also suggested planning and rehearsing answers to questions that are likely to come up, including thinking of anecdotes that allow skills and experience to be demonstrated.

"Proper preparation helps kill nerves because you won’t have to worry about whether your answers are credible. You can then focus on listening, thinking ahead and keeping eye contact," the expert commented.

David Jensen, the founder of CareerTrax and managing director of Kincannon & Reed Global Executive Search, recently underlined the importance of attention to detail and good judgement on a CV, which could mean the difference between getting an interview and missing out in the first place.

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Posted by Nikki Barrister

Via: Salespeak News

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