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Thursday 8 November 2012

Call centres are getting increasingly technical

Technology training may now be increasingly important for people recruited into sales jobs after it was found that contact centres are no longer relying on basic gadgets.

According to Frost & Sullivan and Jabra, 52 per cent of firms with call centres have now removed their desk phones completely, while 70 per cent are planning to, Call Centre Helper reports.

The majority had chosen to go with headsets instead and 58 per cent said this was so that employees could have their hands free, although 41 per cent revealed it was to improve sound quality.

More than half said they were inspired to try new technology because of the cost saving benefits it offered.

Meanwhile, Dimension Data's Contact Centre Benchmarketing Report 2012 recently found that one in five call centres are already managing smartphone applications, while 33.1 per cent are supporting social media.

Jabra spokesperson Andrew Doyle said:  "What we have here is clear evidence that businesses recognise that implementing Unified Communications can be a serious cost-cutting and productivity-boosting exercise."

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Posted by Richard Esquilant

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