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Friday 16 November 2012

Candidates 'may need to consider short-term roles'

Candidates on the lookout for jobs may need to think about going for short-term positions if no permanent roles are available to them in the firms they wish to work for.

Tara Daynes, a HR consultant and trainer as well as a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, pointed out that the current economic climate means employers may be reluctant to agree to permanent contracts at present because they are unsure of their prospects.

"A lot of the time they will actually have people on a short-term basis with a view to potentially going permanent once they actually know what the future holds for them," she explained.

Consequently, people could take on part-time sales jobs, demonstrate their value as an employee and then find themselves benefiting from a longer contract.

In order to ensure that contract is forthcoming, candidates may wish to follow the recent advice of business-to-business sales expert Jill Konrath and emulate the practices of a senior member of staff.

She also urged new starters to ask for advice wherever possible, as it is better to do this than make mistakes.

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Posted by Richard Esquilant

By: Salespeak News

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