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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Smiling 'creates the best first impression'

Although there are many factors that can contribute to making a good first impression in a job interview or on the first day of a job, having a smile on your face is the top one, it has been noted.

Patricia Seabright, founder and managing director of Archimedes Consulting Ltd, said that there are many things going through the minds of interviewers and managers when they meet somebody for the first time.

They will be considering whether a person's visual appearance matches their tone of voice, whether they sound confident and whether their body language matches the confidence.

"So the best tip for creating positive first impressions in business is to project warm confidence and a great start on that is to smile - even when you don't feel like it," she noted.

The expert added that if all of these aspects of an individual appear positive, and if they add up, then interviewers will form a favourable first impression.

"Your physiology can lead your emotions, so smiling can make you feel better as well as making you look positive and confident," she stated.

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