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Friday 20 April 2012

Job applicants 'should do plenty of research'

People applying for jobs should aim to research the company thoroughly, as this can have a number of benefits in the long run, one expert has stated.

As well as creating a good impression by showing the prospective employer that they have a keen interest in their organisation, research can also enable candidates to make up their mind about whether the job is right for them, said Charlie Ryan, owner of therecruitmentqueen.com.

When asked what they know about the organisation, the interviewee needs to answer confidently and have a broad knowledge of the company, she stated.

"This is also a win-win situation, as they will establish whether or not they want to really work there. The more they want it, the more they want to learn, and they will come across so much better," the expert added.

If candidates go into the interview with specific objectives they are also establishing whether or not the job is right for them, so the interview becomes less nerve-wracking.

"People they are more in control, as they have something to aim for and a good structure to succeed in their objective," Ms Ryan added.

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