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Monday 9 April 2012

Interviewers 'need to know three things'

Although a prospective employer is likely to ask many questions during a job interview, there are only really three things that they want to know, a new report has found.

An article in Forbes, compiled after consultation with employers across the globe, suggests that interviewers want to know whether the candidate can do the job, whether they will enjoy the job, and whether they will be good to work with.

Although other aspects of a worker's skillset and personality are important, these three factors are the main determinates of whether a prospective recruit will actually be hired.

Commenting on the report, Adecco stated: "These three simple questions are all that an employer actually needs to know. If you think about every other question that you may have been asked at interview, they are all variations (often long-winded ones) of the three key areas strengths, motivation and suitability."

When it comes to skills, employers are not only looking for technical ability, but also interpersonal skills, while candidates showing enthusiasm at an interview is a good indication of motivation and the desire to better themselves and move forward in their career.

As far as suitability goes, candidates need to understand the culture and environment of the organisation they are applying to work at, because if a potential employer does not feel that they will fit into the company, they will not be hired.

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