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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Office workers 'would trade their lunch break for a nap'

Almost half of all office workers in the UK would gladly trade their lunchtime break for a nap, a new survey has found.

Research carried out by DealJungle.com, which questioned over 1,000 people, found that 46 per cent of staff believed that a nap at lunchtime would improve their productivity in the afternoon.

The poll showed that 63 per cent believed that office productivity dipped in the afternoon, with 2:45pm being the time most employees identified as the start of the post-lunch dip in energy levels.

In addition, 37 per cent were prepared to sacrifice all their breaks in order to reduce their working hours either in the morning or afternoon.

A spokesman for DealJungle.com said the idea of an afternoon nap may sound childish, but if it has the potential to increase productivity then it is an option which must be seriously considered.

Commenting on the report, intuitive stress specialist Helen Wingstedt added: "Busy people with a lot to do who find their schedule overly full will benefit enormously from an afternoon nap to catch up on sleep and recharge batteries."

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