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Thursday 5 April 2012

Liam's Lens - Premiership Predictions

With a big 6 days of Premiership football coming up, there could still be plenty of twists and turns at top and bottom of the table. My predictions are as follows:

Friday 6th April
Swansea vs Newcastle  1-1

Saturday 7th April
Sunderland vs Tottenham   1-1
Bolton vs Fulham   2-1
Chelsea vs Wigan   3-1
Liverpool vs Aston Villa 2-0
Norwich vs Everton  1-1
West Brom vs Blackburn   1-2
Stoke Vs Wolves   2-0

Sunday 8th April
Man Utd vs QPR  3-0
Arsenal vs Man City  2-1

Monday 9th April
Everton vs Sunderland   1-0
Newcastle vs Bolton   2-1
Tottenham vs Norwich   3-1
Aston Villa vs Stoke   0-0
Fulham vs Chelsea   2-2

Tuesday 10th April
Blackburn vs Liverpool   1-1

Wednesday 11th April
Man City vs West Brom   3-0
Wigan vs Man Utd   1-2
Wolves vs Arsenal   1-3
QPR vs Swansea   2-1

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