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Friday 20 April 2012

Older workers 'offer unparalleled experience'

Older workers can offer a level of experience that younger people simply cannot provide, and help to add another dimension to their organisation, it has been noted.

Keith Simpson, managing director of Skilledpeople.com, said that he has seen many examples of people who are "exceptionally well qualified" and seeking new opportunities, but are under-employed for one reason only - they are aged over 50.

A report earlier this year by the Department of Work and Pensions stated that age-related discrimination and stereotyping remain "rooted in British society", despite older workers often having unique and varied skillsets and a wealth of talent.

It is therefore important that companies look to older members of the job market just as much as younger ones as they look to recruit new staff and expand, Mr Simpson pointed out.

"Over 50s require little or no training, making them productive workers from the outset. If a company hires a quality experienced person to support business growth it’s more likely that they will be hiring an additional youngster after few months than the reverse," he added.

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