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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Young people's CVs 'need to be boosted'

The CVs of the nation's youngsters need to be improved if they are to have the best possible opportunity of gaining the job they want when they enter the world of work, and one way of doing this is by taking part in life experiences, it has been claimed.

Duncan Pearse, national programme manager for the Catch22 NCS Partnership, made the comments after the launch of the National Citizen Service, which aims to enhance youngsters' decision-making skills and, subsequently, their CV.

He noted that the course, which involves young people gaining life experiences through being an active member of the community, highlights how extra-curricular activities can really boost a CV and show an employer that the candidate is more than a one-dimensional academic.

"Certainly, when school leavers get to the stage where they are going out and they are looking to go into training or jobs, employers will want to see that they have got some kind of life experience," he added.

Therefore, any kind of experience outside of the classroom or the exam hall which shows a person is capable of making decisions and working as part of a team is a "great addition" to their CV, Mr Pearse explained.

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