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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Pairing staff with different skill sets 'boosts creativity'

Pairing two people in sales jobs who have completely different skill sets can mean that they bounce off one another and work in a more creative manner, it has been claimed.

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's HRD Conference, psychologist Mark Batey, joint chair of the Psychometrics at Work Research Group at Manchester Business School, said that creativity is essential for businesses in the current economic climate, reports People Management.

In terms of encouraging employees to work creatively he suggested pairing people whose creative capacity works in opposite ways, citing a study by Hewlett Packard which saw the firm pairing 'odd couples' together.

"Not everybody can be an Einstein or a Picasso," said Mr Batey.

"But we can see what their natural strengths and weaknesses are and how they can work with others to achieve outcomes."

Recent research by education company Pearson found that companies recruiting for new employees look for the right combination of academic and practical skills.

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Posted by John Oak and Wayne Bly

Source: The Sales Director News

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