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Friday 1 April 2011

More staff retention seen last year

There was better staff retention throughout the UK in the past year, new research has shown.

Fewer workers resigned, retired or were made redundant in 2010, the data from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Xpert HR revealed.

The poll of 360 companies revealed that staff turnover dropped from 12.3 per cent to 10.5 per cent the previous year.

Only 3.9 per cent of workers resigned last year - the smallest number in five years.

The survey also revealed that despite good staff retention and loyalty, pay rises were not a common occurrence.

Increases were an average of 2.2 per cent last year, the poll revealed.

"It seems that UK employees are more content to stay in their current jobs," said Ruth Spellman, chief executive of the CMI.

She added: "Of course, no one should believe that the only way to retain employee loyalty is by throwing money around."

Recently, Spencer Mehlman, managing director of Notgoingtouni.co.uk, suggested people need to undertake work experience in order to further their future career prospects.

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Posted by Nikki Barrister

Source: Salespeak News

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