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Friday 15 April 2011

Employers value 'soft skills'

Good soft skills such as interpersonal and communication skills are as valued as academic qualifications by employers, people looking for sales jobs will be interested to hear.

A survey of 5,000 business owners conducted by Virgin Media Business shows that a positive attitude and soft skills were among the qualities employees look for in new staff members, ranking higher than academic and professional qualifications.

Just 25 per cent of respondents said computer literacy is a key attribute when looking for new staff.

Phil Stewart, director of customer service at Virgin Media Business, said that the market is "saturated" with graduates all competing for a small number of jobs, which means employers can hold out for workers with the right personalities.

"With organisations facing enough problems as it is, it's no surprise that a 'can-do' attitude and an ability to offer creative solutions to problems now top employers' wish lists," he added.

Previous research by education firm Pearson suggested that more graduates need to develop strong practical skills such as communication and teamwork.

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Posted by Nikki Barrister

Source: The Sales Executive News

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