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Monday 27 February 2012

Recruiters 'have three key criteria'

Companies on the hunt for new staff will employ them based on three main recruitment criteria - Can they do the job? Will they do the job? Will they fit in? – one expert has claimed.

Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (grb.uk.com), said recruiters will choose people usually based on these three things, although he explained that there is no right or wrong answer, with the most important thing to be yourself.

The expert said that if an organisation thinks people will fit in then they can make a decision based on that, though in many ways their selection depends on the type of job, as recruiters will be looking for different skills and competencies.

"It is hard to generalise but in our experience, most employers will want, first of all, a degree in something or other. Next they'll want really good communication skills and they'll probably want a can do attitude among other things," he noted.

Recent research conducted by LearnDirect found that many people in search of recruitment opportunities are out of touch with what modern employers are looking for and as such could be harming their chances of landing a job.

According to the poll, just one in ten jobseekers believe that workplace skills are an important attribute, while 88 per cent of employers say they are a major priority when looking for potential staff.

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