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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Managers and workers 'needs to trust each other'

The nation's managers and their employers can help to create a productive atmosphere in the office by establishing a level of trust, and this can often boil down to allowing workers a degree of freedom in their working lives.

That is the opinion of David Liddle, founder and director of Total Conflict Management (TCM Group), who said that sales managers and other leaders need to treat staff like adults and accept their personal lives cannot be put on a shelf while they are in the office.

This may mean allowing them to use the internet to go on social networking sites or send personal emails, and as long as there is a reasonable usage policy with this, it can be beneficial to employer-worker relations.

"I think organisations that embrace that new form of communication and encourage employees to use it but in a sensible, adult way actually found that those employees felt very positively to that. It goes back to the trust and respect that exists," he added.

Mr Liddle said that as long as companies have these strong lines of communication between managers and their employees, they will find their own way of working that is conducive to a productive environment.

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