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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Ignore doom-mongers & naysayers! Have dreams, set goals, take action..

Here's a conversation between leading sales speaker and author, www.gaviningham.com and myself from yesterday. I hope he doesn't mind me publishing this but there's a pretty powerful message here:

GAVIN: Welcome to 2012! Ignore doom-mongers & naysayers! Have dreams, set goals, take action.. make it a great one! Lots of great stuff coming this year… I have good feelings about 2012! You?!!
ME: I always have good feelings – not much point in being any other way as there’s not a lot that little old me can do about the world’s finances!
GAVIN: I always have good feelings too however it is nice when they come to light! Personally, I think there is little wrong with the world's finances that a dose of realism and hard work wouldn't sort out!!
ME: The FTSE is up 2% so far today – that’s 40% of the loss in 2011 gained in just one day – will this be in the news tonight? Probably not!
GAVIN: Agreed. We ought to spend more time being more positive and asking
What do we do well?
What do others do well?
What should we be doing well?
How can we add massive value?

The whole of the West strikes me as bi-polar…. Manically depressive one day and manically up the next BUT at all times, with little handle on the reality of our situation.

We need to make massive changes but we're either crying and moaning about our lot or being extremely arrogant about being "right". 

Let's start with positivity and hard work and then look for opportunities to add value… Oh, strange… that's what I do… and you too!!
I just found this so true that I had to publish it - hope you enjoy it too!

Have a great 2012 and as Stephen Covey states in 'great habits' either control what you are able to control or increase your influence so that you can do something about it, i.e. do the best job you possibly can and don't be put off of your path with what's going on in the wider world.  Alternatively, get into politics, or similar, when you can actually do something about it!

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