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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Younger workers 'more satisfied with their jobs'

Younger members of staff are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than older workers, according to a new global survey from Mercer.

The study asked for the opinion of a broad range of people in sales jobs and other roles about their contentment at work and their likelihood of leaving and found that workers aged 16 to 24 recorded scores of agreement that average ten percentage points higher than the overall workforce.

Additionally, scores for workers age 25 - 34 average five percentage points higher, though the data did presents an interesting anomaly.

According to the survey findings, workers aged 34 and younger are more likely than their older colleagues to be pondering an exit from their employer at the moment.

Chris Johnson, Partner in Mercer's Human Capital business, said the pattern of higher satisfaction among younger workers held true for many other key issues, including pay, performance management and careers.

This made their desire to leave their organisations all the more at odds with traditional views of loyalty, retention and engagement and present "a real dilemma" for employers.

"Do they simply accept that young talent is going to leave no matter what the organisation has to offer, or do they invest time and resources in an attempt to change the views and employment habits of their younger workers?" he added.

Although strategies will vary by company, Mr Johnson said it is "essential" to have a clear understanding of an employer's value proposition and then analyse what steps can or should be taken to increase the tenure of younger staff.

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