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Wednesday 23 November 2011

AWR could 'change how temporary workers are hired'

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) 2011 could see businesses changing the way they hire temporary staff members.

Reculver Solicitors' James Carmody gave this view on the new rules, which state that after 12 weeks of going through qualifying, temporary workers will be given the right to be paid the same pay as permanent staff.

The expert was keen to point out that he does not believe the regulations will alter the number of employees taken on by businesses across the UK.

However, he noted that it could have a significant effect on how long firms allow temporary assignments to carry on for per staff member.

Expanding on this point, Mr Carmody said: "It would be very unfortunate for the temp in question if the employer gets rid of them after 11 weeks, only to replace them with another temp doing the same thing."

His views come soon after research conducted by Hudson revealed that many managers see agency workers as being more reliable and focused than permanent staff.

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Posted by John Oak

Via: Salespeak News

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