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Monday 16 July 2012

Recruiting for IT 'is difficult at the moment'

Recruiting people into IT jobs is currently very difficult due to a number of factors, according to one expert.

Dave Pye, executive member of the technology sector group at the REC and chief executive of the JM Group, said it is "a very common problem" trying to get more people to look at IT and technology as important for the UK industry.

"This is because when you are talking to younger people or people just starting their careers, it isn't as attractive as other professions," he added.

Mr Pye noted that, as a result, the IT industry is working very hard to try and capture the hearts and the imaginations of people to highlight that technology is actually a very interesting industry to pursue a career in.

"But certainly when you look at Ucas and the computer courses that they do, the number of people applying to join computer courses has been dwindling for the last five or six years," he explained.

The expert said that this therefore means that the talent pool is perhaps not as deep as it could be, though this does present chances for the best candidates to fill the top jobs.

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