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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Charm and persistence 'the keys to career success'

A dose of charm and plenty of persistence can help to ensure that people have successful careers, when balanced alongside plenty of hard work, a new report has suggested.

The charity Volunteer Reading Help polled 500 chief executives, managers and business people earning more than £70,000 a year and found that people see graft as being vital, but only when accompanied by charisma and the ability to get yourself recognised.

Other factors in career success included warmth, intelligence and a sense of humour, though just two per cent of respondents claimed that ruthlessness or good looks play a part.

Sue Porto, chief executive of Volunteer Reading Help, told Digital Hub that the results point to the old adage of people wanting to work with people they like, and proves that hard work, persistence and "being decent" pays dividends in the long term.

"The study shows that the skill of improving yourself and striving to learn more is something that never goes away and when combined with hard work, will massively increase the chances of success," she added.

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