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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Present yourself well and ask for the job, interviewees advised

People heading into an interview have been advised to dress, walk, speak and act in the way that they want to be seen.

Paul Boross, pitch doctor at Big Sky Communications, said the old adage that you should dress for the job you want is always true.

The key is to present yourself in the way that you want to be seen by the people who are making decisions about your future, which means not dressing to make a statement, but instead doing so to make the interviewer see you as the ideal candidate.

"Probably the most important thing in an interview is to recognise that it is not a court of law, so you are not being judged, it is a business meeting and you are each there to decide if you want to work with the other," he advised.

Mr Boross said that people who go into the interview with the mindset that they would be lucky to get the job give off a subservient aura, which is never helpful.

Conversely, candidates who think that the employer would be lucky to get them can be seen as arrogant, so the key is to aim for a neutral, balanced attitude that includes respecting yourself and also the decision of the employer.

According to the expert, one thing that surprisingly few people do at the end of an interview is ask for the job, despite that being the very reason they have attended.

He added: "When all other things are equal, the candidate with genuine enthusiasm for the job will always win. Given the choice, wouldn't you rather hire someone who actually seemed to want the job?"

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