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Monday 28 May 2012

1 in 10 workers 'coasting through the day'

A tenth of UK workers are able to 'coast' through the day by only exerting the bear minimum of effort, a new poll has found.

Research carried out by officebroker.com found that the most common times for employees to reduce their output were when their boss was on holiday and when there was no pay reviews scheduled in the near future.

Other times when productivity dropped included when employees were working as part of a large team or when they were faced with repetitive tasks which required little creative thinking.

The data showed that 19 per cent of staff would only work harder or for longer when they knew there was a direct reward depending upon them doing so, while three in ten said they are more likely to coast at work if they were employed by a large firm compared to a small firm.

Despite this, 72 per cent of respondents said they would become unhappy at work if they were no longer challenged by the tasks they were given and instead were able to cruise through their day.

A spokesman from officebroker.com commented: "The research revealed that those employees most likely to coast were ones whose workload was unmonitored or more difficult to directly trace, with many found to be hiding behind team members in larger organisations – which I think is something a lot of workers can relate to."

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