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Friday 11 May 2012

Older jobseekers need to be positive'

Older jobseekers need to maintain a positive mindset when on the hunt for a new role, according to one expert who has advised people to be 'young-brained' when job-hunting.

Tim Drake, co-author of You Can Be as Young as You Think, said that older jobseekers can often be anxious, old fashioned, closed and defensive, so it is key to be as 'young-brained' as possible when changing career.

This means being creative and fun-filled and looking at all the very good things in life, the expert noted.

"While older people could bring experience to a job, they also need to learn new things and create new value. So having a positive mindset is the first thing to think about," he said.

"The other crucial thing to understand - something old brains sometimes don't - is that learning is about growing."

According to Mr Drake, a danger with older jobseekers can be they perceive failure as a personal flaw, while younger people think of it as a way of learning and growing.

He said there is a "fundamental difference" between the two positions of mindset, adding that people changing career need to understand that there will be setbacks and mistakes.

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