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Thursday 7 July 2011

Apprentice week 10 highlights need for product knowledge

This week's episode of The Apprentice highlighted how important it is for sales professionals to be aware of the product they are selling and to register what is popular.

The task for the teams was to start with a variety of products and sell them at various locations, gradually reinvesting the money earned from the best-selling items to make a profit.

Although we are now in the tenth week of the series, the message did not appear to get through to the team leaders, Melody and Natasha, who seemed content to ignore the best-selling items and instead sit back and sell existing stock when they should have been reinvesting.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar fined Natasha's team for failing to carry out the task properly, though they still won it due to Jim's superior sales technique.

Melody's failure to recognise Tom's reports that nodding dogs were the best-selling items and her insistence on buying alarm clock-cum-photo frames ultimately lost them the task, and it is Melody who was eventually fired for not having the nous for sales.

Commenting on the episode in his blog, motivational speaker and sales training expert Gavin Ingham said it is vital for sales people to know the product they are selling and have a keen eye for what is popular.

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