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Saturday 8 March 2008

Symbolism. Advance!

I love symbolism. I love the way that it’s not always the obvious and when you know the meaning it’s always far more memorable and significant.

Think of the Australian national emblem. It’s a kangaroo and an emu, standing on a wattle bush (Australia’s National Floral Emblem) supporting a shield. Each segment of the shield represents a different state of Australia.

So far pretty mainstream and straight forward.

But why Skippy and Emu? Why not a Koala and a Croc!

Well, often the emblem is emblazoned with the motto ‘Advance’ after the national anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’

And here’s the great bit.

The beasts were chosen specifically because both Kangaroos and Emus are incapable of walking backwards. Isn’t that great. Symbolism, I love it!

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