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Wednesday 19 March 2008

Indulge in your Easter Chocolate without the Guilt Trip!

Here’s a fantastic article from Peter Moorhead of ‘Celebrate Health and Fitness’, a Milton Keynes personal training business.

Celebrate Easter with Chocolate!

There is no escaping the chocolate at Easter and the temptation is often too difficult to resist, and why should you?

It is not true that chocolate in itself is bad; it is the high fat and sugar content that adds the pounds.

So, rather than deny the simple pleasures of chocolate, choose wisely. A dark organic chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (70 %+) is a better choice than most milk or white chocolates and even has some important antioxidants. Just don’t overdo it and if you can, enjoy your chocolate with a small handful of nuts. Almonds or walnuts are best.

The protein in the nuts will slow down the rise in your blood sugar levels and lessen the subsequent insulin production that causes your body to get the excess sugar out of your blood stream and store it as fat. What is more, the (good) fats in the nuts will trigger your satiety hormones which say you are full up!

I am told by the best authority I know in chocolate (my beloved wife) that one square of this high coco content chocolate will give you the chocolate buzz you crave –it’s enough, and therefore you get all the good chocolate stuff, without the bad.

You can enjoy your Easter chocolate feast after all, life is a Celebration!

Peter runs Celebrate Health & Fitness, a personal training, healthy lifestyle company based in Milton Keynes. www.celebratehf.co.uk offer a range of services to help improve the general wellbeing of the citizens of Milton Keynes, backed by a 5 star guarantee. Their mission is ‘Let’s Enjoy Life!’

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