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Saturday 8 March 2008

Five Great Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

Here’s great tips from a highly experienced voice coach, Cheryl Hawkins of Sound Perfect. These tips are for anyone looking to improve their public speaking voice:

1] Stand in noble stance, leading with the crown of your head and with weight equally balanced through your legs and feet, but without flexing your knees.

2] Combat nerves by breathing OUT and then LETTING the breath back in. Do this 3 times. This has a calming effect.

3] Dry Mouth? With lips closed, chew your tongue discretely. This releases saliva and no-one will notice!

4] Connect your voice to your breath by rolling an rrrrr or by ‘blowing a raspberry’. Feel the abdominal muscles being engaged as you do it.

5] Increase pitch range by exploring the rumble of the lower voice, lips humming loosely together. Feel the vibration in your chest cavity.

Whoop with joy to enjoy the upper end of your voice range.

Apply all this and then say with relish

‘’ Yes..............Once more Laurence/Lydia. That was marvellous!’’

Cheryl Hawkins qualified with distinction from the Royal Academy of Music before spending many years as a professional singer performing throughout the UK and Europe. Cheryl has worked with many celebrities and has recorded for the BBC.

Cheryl now uses her vast knowledge of human voice physiology and production to help anyone that is looking to be vocally more effective.Based in delightful settings on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, Sound Perfect’s mission is to help you ‘Se Your Voice for Impact and Influence’.

Sound Perfect offer free Half Hour taster sessions where you’ll try out some easy techniques to help you take the first steps forward. Cheryl will also give you some practical pointers that will help you keep your audience onside. For more information call 01296 720787 or visit
Sound Perfect

Cheryl has also written
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